Jay CODE~After hustle party lyrics

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Written by:Efemieyah O Jeremiah(J.COD
Produced By:Olumix (De JAH ELO)

INTRO:Sere lo,baby oya sere lo,kajo ma sere lo, Jay CODE in d building.

CHORUS: After hustle party,I keep (2X) chilling with ma kuchi baby
for them street nobody know me
don’t tell mama you saw me on TV
Anytime they show me on TV
I’m chilling with my kuchi baby
After hustle na time to Jolly
I dey after hustle Party eh

VERSE1Ododo mi o o o,eyin oju mi o o o
Sun mon mi ka jo jo,I like d way . she dey go down low. low
She always gat me in d mood
enemies noo wan see me dey . groove,see me dey groove,
see me dey groove eh
Oya orobo and lepa stunt,D way . them they push their body
For front, Omo ele wan pami .enemies them wan make me stunt o
Wuru wuru them lifestyle remind .. me of guguru
Them sit down for corner they looku looku
Thank God today we dey ontop ooo


VERSE2:Partying and chilling all night long
Life wey you see,omo na turn by turn o
Let’s keep rocking till d breaking of dawn
After hustle na to flex and chop o
Enemies them wan spoil ma fun
Them say I noo go reach d top, God now catapult me to the
top,them wan spoil my fun,spoil my fun,spoil my fun o
Them sit down they table my matter say lie lie,my life noo go
get u-turn,but see as God dey take. me higher,me I come dey sing halleluyah ,Money keep coming,enemies keep going
Lai lai we keep spending,if you’re d looser
I’m d winner.thank God today we day ontop oooo

VERSE 3: Sere lo,baby oya sere lo,kajo …… ma sere lo
Titi lai o ka sere lo
God don make me hammer. ……. who be that wey they bless my
life,who be that wey they make ….. me see today o noo noo
Who be that maga,wey go say me go surrender
Till d end he go burn for fire,
Ah God,make them burn for fire eh


OUTRO: Jay CODE in d building
South south shout to my friends and family for south oo
I cannot really shout
Efemieyah Margaret kuchi kuchi
Pat Omoike kuchi kuchi baby oh



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