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 Shellboi whose fullnames are ‘Nnebe Olisaemeka B is a young, charming, multitalented & endowned icon with unique irresistible features that kept attracting people to him especially the ladies
 With huge interest in academics as  a Metabolite and currently working, he has published many International Biochemical  Journals especially on ‘Free radicals & Antioxidants’

 Equally talented in acting, modelling ,MC work & Comedy. He was surprised to discover during NYSC that he could sing melodiously with vocals & since then vowed to develop it voraciously, droping his debut tracks Focus’ is the outcome.

Phone  08038362881, 08188803002
Twitter: @olisashellboi
BBpin:   280256EC
Facebk Id: Olisa Nnebe ‘shellboi’
Download n Enjoy!


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