Jennifer Aleburu(How cute she looks even in the broken mirror)

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Jenny is en ever radiant,happy and ever glowing diva in her natural looks. her beauty is forever young. I’ve known her as a friend and as real friend she never stops showing her tender cares and never stops even in her own way of impacting positivity to her environment. It will never be impartiality to say her type are not common.
She’s indeed a good friend of mine,best of her kind and she loves being herself,intelligent intellectual personality. I can never regret having you as a friend being that you are the best of your type my dearest Jennifer.
God took his precious time to make you. In my next life I’ll still exist on earth with you as my friend that’s to qualify and quantify how important you’re to your friends and love ones.
See, you soaring higher in your career which is the best thing I will always wish for you because a real friend always watches and prays for her friends. In this my own little way I must say I thank God that you’re indeed a TRUE FRIEND JENNIFER ALEBURU.
Best in all your endeavours,

    • posted by Jay CODE


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