My Sincere Apology To SPECIAL U

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Why I Must Still Say Sorry To You.

You’ve been a friend that really worth it all the way. since I have come to know you, the bond of oneness has bounded us even as a team and the real friend you really are to me.
You’ve taken your time sacrificing it all because of me and in quest to further butress your determination to be one the best of your type and in this our time. since I’ve known you.I always wish you goodluck but for the pains I just caused you,I must tell you I deeply regret all my altitude,please forgive my manners if they seems not good enough.
How will a good friend please his/her friend than the way you did,I appreciate all your effort but I don’t know how to pay for all the pains and discomfort I’ve caused you. But I beg of you to over look all my shortcomings,it hurt me deep down inside of me because I didn’t tell you how you should go about the journey in time and I know where you’ll be now is never a comfort zone because of my wrongs.
But I believe you have the heart of a goddess, so I plead for you to forgive and forget my wrongs to you and I do promise you that I will alway make it upto you because as at the time I’m writing this piece of apology write up I wasn’t able to sleepe because I don’t know your present state where ever you lodged,please you just need to forgive me because I don’t know how to pay you for all my wrong.I’m hoping for you for tomorrow.

From Jerry to you

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