The Future of Hip Hop in Nigeria (Upcoming Rappers You Need to Know)

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The Nigerian music industry is a highly competitive market. Artists are found every single day while others are lost in the forever changing, unpredictable ocean that is the music scene. The rap genre has proven to be more competitive with the progression of the internet and the availability of recording programs, almost anyone is an “artist”. Social Medias like twitter, Facebook and YouTube has given Nigerian artists a platform to rise through the ranks. The Internet has allowed upcoming artists to get notice and literally build a career from the ground up.

Every year, new waves of artists wash up in our Twitter mentions, flood our email inboxes, and strike it lucky on YouTube. I feel it’s my duty to spread the music of artists who I think are entirely too talented not to be noticed. Below I have included some upcoming artists that I think you need to become familiar with and need to be on the lookout for in the near future.

Bridge – This guy is going to change the way the people view the Nigerian rap genre. Bridge has been on the scene for a while now, but the strides he has taken in that time are unparalleled.  When “Insecurity” dropped, we got a taste of the independent “Bridge flow” and since then he has dropped a number of singles with his group L.O.S. (Loud On Sound). Outside of his own discography action has been featured on dozens of singles since coming onto the scene and has worked with various top notch artists in the industry.

Bridge – My Apology(Quoted from


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